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There will be no Steam Dev Days Event this Year: Valve

Last year, Valve had initiated the Steam Dev Days. Quite a lot of developers had benefited from that two day developer conference but it appears that we have seen the last of it – for now.

Valve has revealed that they do not intend to hold another similar session with the developer community this year. A statement in this regard was given by a Valve representative to Gamasutra, here’s what they said:

Steam Dev Days was a great way to brief a large number of Steam developers. This year our focus will be a bit different, so we are planning a larger than usual presence at GDC. So, there will not be a Steam Dev Days this year, but we will certainly consider doing it again in the future.

The Dev Days conferences lasted two days in January last year where the primary topic of discussion was the Steam Machine. The reason why they aren’t holding any such conferences this year is also related to that.

Valve says that it made more sense to hold such conferences with the developers soon after they had unveiled the new technology. Now that it has been over a year since the SteamOS and Steam Machines were introduced, people are well acquainted with them and so may be the need for such an event, for Valve, is less.

Last year, around 1200 developers had attended the event which was held in Seattle. It was not a public event but quite a lot of the things discussed at the Steam Dev Days were given importance by the community like the SteamOS and the Virtual Reality technology.

What do you think about this decision of Valve, wouldn’t it benefit the industry as a whole if events like this continued to happen?