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Uncharted 4 Gets New Details; Elena, Sully, Multiplayer Confirmed

Now that we are into the year of release of Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End, naughty Dog might just be a bit less tight on the details regarding the game. That is actually true if you look at the boatload of detail that they have recently shared through the latest edition of Game Informer magazine.

There are tons of new things that have been confirmed and reconfirmed.

Top of the line for me is going to be some cooperative minutes between our protagonist and his brother Nate, yes that is going to happen. This will also be accompanied by some brotherly jealously and the warranted banter between them.

Other characters, apart from Nate’s brother, have also been teased like Elena and Sully. In fact there are going to be a lot of things that will make their return to the game; for instance Artifacts, that will come bearing hints for more treasures.

Naughty Dog has also claimed that the development of The Last of Us has also helped them shape up Uncharted 4. One thing that they take from it is the AI of Sam which is going to resemble the AI of Ellie from TLOU.

As far as the story of the game is concerned, it will be set three years after Uncharted 3 when Elena and Drake are living a good life. That is where Sam reappears and takes him to “a mythic Madagascar colony purportedly founded by pirates” called Libertalia for treasure hunting.

Other locations will include urban regions and some snowy weathers.

Introducing the antagonists in a better light, the game will bring in Nadine (who owns a private African military) and Rafe.

Moving on, you will be more at liberty to choose your path (there is no Golden path), and so the game will offer more navigational freedom with multiple path to choose from.

Last but not the least, Naughty Dog has confirmed that Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End is going to have multiplayer.