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Steam Machine Might Launch At GDC This March

Soon after the CES last year, everyone was talking about the incoming Steam Machines, and how they will impact the gaming industry. Now, we are in 2015 and Steam Machines are still nowhere to be found.

However, it seems that the things are about to change as multiple sources of notoperator have told them that Steam Machines are scheduled to launch at the upcoming Games Developer Conference in March.

The sources also say that the design for the Steam controller, which was a problem for Valve before, has been finalized and Steam OS will also be ready to launch in March. As of now, Steam OS is running in beta.

The Steam Machines will be a great addition in the market for the users, who like to build up their PCs to make them as strong as possible. Due to the demand of Steam, it is very likely that a large number of gaming community will switch to Steam OS, which will obviously hurt Microsoft.

The gaming machine that is capable of running all the old and the new games will certainly attract a lot of gamers, so you can expect both Sony and Microsoft to be worried when the Steam Machines are finally made available.

At last year’s CES, we came to know that Steam Machines will be aiming for $500 price point, but nothing concrete was announced. Hopefully, Valve will reveal more about the highly anticipated gaming machines launch in the near future.

Would you prefer Steam Machines over the new gen gaming consoles? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!