Playstation Network is Down Again Due to ‘Heavy Network Traffic’

Just a couple of days ago, we reported the issues Xbox Live was facing after a DDoS attack on the Christmas Day and although the network was up and running soon enough, it still shows some signs of the attack.

Now, players are reporting that Playstation Network is down and they are having connectivity issues, due to which they are unable to use online features. Along with Xbox Live, PSN was also the victim of the attack and it seems as though both of these networks are yet to fully heal.

The issue was confirmed by Sony PlayStation support page, according to which, PSN is experiencing ‘heavy network traffic.’

The issue was also acknowledged by @AskPlayStation on twitter. One of their tweets assured fans that engineers are looking into the problem. Hopefully, all will be sorted out soon.

We’re aware that some players are seeing drops on PSN. Engineers are on the case and investigating.

Both PSN and Xbox Live were on the wrong end of a DDoS attack a couple of weeks ago which left millions of fans unable to play or access games online. Reportedly, the FBI is looking into the situation and is on the hunt for the culprits.

Moreover, it is necessary for both of these companies to take steps to create a better network service as players are paying millions of dollars annually in order to access said networks.