The Order: 1886 Off-Screen Gameplay Footage From CES Looks Impressive

One of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives, The Order: 1886 is not that far away from its launch, and to show the fans what this game has to offer, Sony brought it to the ongoing CES event, where almost a 15-minute

">demo for the game was available to play.

The demo, which you can see attached above is shown off-screen, but it still gives a pretty good idea of what to expect from the final version. A lot of cover based shooting can be seen, as Galahad tries to take out the enemies roaming around in the area, while making sure that he is not killed in action.

The visuals of The Order: 1886 have been appreciated by almost everyone who got his/her hands on it, and even in this off-screen video, you can see the beauty of the game. The detail that has been put into the environments and the characters look incredible.

It is a shooter, so you can expect a lot of different weapons to be called into action. In the demo, you will see an automatic pistol, a sniper rifle, an assault rifle and more.

The wait for The Order: 1886 is almost over, as it is set to hit the stores on February 20th, exclusively for PlayStation 4.