Here’s an Interesting Exo-Skeleton Arm Made with LEGO Blocks

You might remember what happens when a guy is a fan of LEGO as well as Halo. If not, go here to see a Halo ship recreated with blocks – apparently it took 3.5 years and as much as $7000 to build.

Now, it looks like more master builders are experimenting with LEGO blocks. There is a guy named Sekiz who has built a really cool looking Exo-Skeleton arms with them.

He has even shared a video on YouTube to show off his creation on by one. As you can see above, the short video shows off the hand portion first and then the arm. The guy even puts it on and shows you how you can move your hands and the arm.

It looks pretty cool and since creation is all what LEGO is about, fans of the blocks are really going to like this one.

Right now, the guy who made this wants to take his project further and make a complete exo-suit that would cover the whole body. However, he says that he doesn’t have the funds to do so.

This is his contact information page and if you are interested, you might like to help him out.