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Fan-Made Pokemon Uranium Game Features 100 New Pokemon

We all love Pokemon and with every new game, the popularity of this franchise keeps on rising. Since this is one of the most loved franchises, fan-made content is no surprise.

One of these fan-made projects is Pokemon Uranium, a game which has been in development for around six years. The game went into a fourth beta phase just recently on PC.

Although Nintendo introduces new Pokemon every now and then but the quantity of new Pokemon which this fan-made game features, is unmatchable. Pokemon Uranium includes over 100 new Pokemon. That’s right! New but unofficial of course.

As for the location of the game. It is set in a made-up region called Tandor. An interesting name I have to say.

The game is still in development but as soon as it goes gold, Tandor region will feature 8 gyms which players can travel to and compete in, in order to get their badges and become an elite champion. The fourth beta phase of this game features 7 gyms and a total of 135 Pokemon for players to collect and battle.

Normally, we compete and play Pokemon games to become the top Pokemon trainer but when it comes to Uranium, there’s more to it than that. Protagonist Victor and Natalie must deal with some rogue Pokemon, who appeared after a nuclear explosion and threaten to destroy the ecosystem.

Thankfully, players who wish to try the game don’t require any emulators as the title is being built on RXMP. You can download the game right now from here.

Have you played Pokemon Uranium? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Source: Siliconera