BioWare’s Shadow Realms Is Reportedly Being Rebooted & Pushed Back to 2017

Devs at Bioware are currently indulging in the success of their critically acclaimed title, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now that the title is behind us, the question is raised regarding its next project. It is possible that the studio’s next AAA release might be Mass Effect.

However, there is another title which fans would love to see, but Bioware has kept its silence about it for a while. The game I’m referring to is Shadow Realms, originally it was revealed as a 4 vs 1 online RPG. But since the devs didn’t bother to share any new details for months, speculations are circulating regarding its cancellation.

Although, back in December community manager Eric Musco assured fans on reddit, that the title is not canceled and more will be shared soon.

Now, some sources close to Kotaku suggest that the game has been canceled while another more reliable source has stated that the game was in fact given an overhaul back in October. It is also stated that Shadow Realms will now offer a full campaign mode. The same source indicates towards its arrival on PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2017.

A picture of an internal EA database revealed that servers for Shadow Realms have been shut down this week.

Now why would a game that was going to head into an alpha test last September, suddenly overhauled? According to another source, developers who work with EA are provided a limited amount of funds, if they don’t integrate their games with EA’s online service, Origin.

The ones that do, get a larger sum of funds for development. Bioware for this reason decided to integrate EA’s service into the game’s core design. This means they can now do more with the game and develop a much better product with the extra funds they get.

EA is yet to comment on this report and it is unlikely they ever will but you can share your views about this matter in the comments.