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Survarium Open Beta Invites Players from All Over!

Back in early December 2013, Vostok Games had said that Survarium was going to be released in late 2014 i.e. near the end of the year. It was also the time when they promised beta is a couple of weeks.

Now we have come a long way from that and although the game didn’t release in the end of 2014, the open beta phase is now going to be in full flow.

The official website of the game received a new post from Vostok Games where they have announced how the open beta phase of the game is now including tons more players from many new locations all over the globe:

We are extremely pleased to announce another important stage in the development of our project. Today in the struggle for a place under the sun, in addition to players from countries of the former USSR and Poland are now joined by Survivors from the rest of Europe. Currently the Survarium Open-Beta contains two variations of PVP mode: Team Deathmatch and Battery Retrieval.

That is not the best part; we know that the open beta was not going to be launched specially in US, but it appears that even you guys have a chance at the game.

A studio representative recently stated that while there were no dedicated servers for the North American region, players could try out their skills in the Russian and the European servers.

That is of course, if you can bear the difference in ping rates.

So tell me, North American fans of Survarium, are you still going to try out the game despite the chance that your game might be lagging behind the rest?