PS4 Sales Continue to Rise, More Than 18.5 Million Units Sold

Sony has announced that more than 18.5 million units of PlayStation 4 have been sold as per January 4, 2015. Previously reported figure by Sony was 13.5 million back in October, and as you can see, more than five million units were sold during the last three months.

With more console sales, Sony was able to get more PS Plus subscribers, which according to the recent report have been increased to 10.9 million from 7.9 million.

Andrew House, the president of PlayStation says that the sales of the console could have been increased by a large number, if they hadn’t faced any supply issues in Europe during holidays.

PS4 also had to face some hefty competition from Xbox One during last three months, as Microsoft lowered its price by quite some margin.

Sony has been making waves with PS4 since its release back in November, 2013, and you can expect its sales to increase even more in the coming months as two of the highly anticipated exclusives, The Order 1886 and Bloodborne will be released in February and March respectively.

Microsoft has not revealed the latest figure of Xbox One sales just yet, but according to last report, Microsoft’s new gen machine shipped over 10 million units.

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Source: PlayStation Japan