Playstation Vue Is Coming to PS3 and PS4 in Early 2015

Microsoft recently announced the arrival of Sling TV on Xbox One which will offer an alternative to cable TV. Now, if MS is offering an alternative to cable, how can Sony not?

At CES 2015, Sony announced that it will be bringing its own cable TV alternative soon, to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in the form of PlayStation Vue. As for iPad and other non-PlayStation platforms, PlayStation Vue will be available after its debut on the consoles.

The news was revealed by Sony President Kaz Hirai, according to whom, PlayStation Vue is going to launch sometime during the first quarter of 2015. PS Vue was previously only available to users through an invite-only beta preview.

The cloud-based tv service will obviously be paid and will have a monthly subscription fee. The pricing details are going to be announced at a later date.

PlayStation Vue is going to offer programs from renowned networks such as NBCUniversal, Fox, CBS, Viacom and more, Sony announced last year that Vue will launch with around 75 channels.

In addition to this, on-demand content is going to be a part of this service. Moreover, users will have the ability to save their favourite programs on the cloud and access them anytime they want for up to 28 days.

Users can search for the program they wish to see by using the ‘Explore’ feature of PlayStation Vue. This function will allow users to filter the content based on length, popularity, genre, and program type.

Both Sony and Microsoft will make life really difficult for cable TV providers if services like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue gained popularity among users.

Will you be giving PlayStation Vue a try or do you prefer cable over streaming?