Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Announced Exclusively For Europe

The European fans of Nintendo are in luck as the famous developers have revealed a brand new 3DS Ambassador Edition for the whole region and it looks awesome.

As you would expect, this model is available in limited quantities and those of you interested will have to order it before January 12, so that you can receive your order by Jan. 23.

By purchasing this 3DS, you will be getting your hands on some special goodies which are:

  • New Nintendo 3DS (White) which comes with an exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Back), New Nintendo 3DS stylus, 4 GB microSDHC memory card, AR Cards, Quick-Start Guide, Operations Manual.
  • The exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Front).
  • Super Smash Bros. Cover Plates (Front and Back).
  • Charging cradle (White).

As mentioned before, this offer is for limited time only, so you will have to hurry if you are looking to get your hands on it. This special European bundle will cost you 199.99€ excluding shipping.

Almost every European fan who is registered to Nintendo got the e-mail from the company telling them about this new bundle earlier today, in which they assure this edition will not be ‘available anywhere else.’

If you wish to order or to find out more about this Europe specific Nintendo 3DS bundle, head here.

Are you looking forward to get your hands on this bundle? Let us know!