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Games On Kickstarter Received More Than $89 Million in 2014, Nearly 2000 Titles Funded

Kickstarter is a place where creative people ask the world to fund their ambitious ideas. Sometimes, these ideas get the dollars they need, sometimes they don’t, but Kickstarter is where it all takes place. Kickstarter has given us a look at the happenings of 2014 and revealed some pretty interesting figures.

According to these shared figures, nearly 2,000 games were funded on Kickstarter last year. Specifically, 1,980 games received more than $89 million in funding. Because of this $89 million, gaming was the third most funded category on Kickstarter.

Meanwhile, technology is on top with $125 million and on second place we have design which received $96.7 million in funding.

Moreover, some other details were also shared via a slide show, according to which:

  • Last year, 2,202,171 people backed a project for the first time
  • 773,824 people backed more than one project
  • 71,478 people backed more than 10 projects
  • 1,125 people backed more than 100 projects

You can check out the rest of the slides here.

In the gaming category, one of the most backed game of 2014 was Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is a single player RPG set in the medieval Europe.

Overall, the most weird yet creative and a highly useful idea that was successfully funded, is something called The Coolest Cooler. One portable cooler with built in waterproof bluetooth speaker and an ice-crusher.