Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare eSports Rules Changed To Ban Exo-Stim & Exo-Cloak

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been available for all major platforms for a couple of months with players enjoying the game changing mechanic, exo-suits.

However, when it comes to eSports, Exo-Stim and Exo-Cloak are considered as an unfair advantage. Exo-Stim grants players the ability to generate health above normal level, while Exo-Cloak, as the name suggests, is a cloaking ability, using which grants players semi-invisibility for a limited duration of time.

A debate has been going around regarding these exo-abilities for a while. People are vocal both in favour of it and against it. Finally, an official statement has been received regarding the future of Exo-Stim and Exo-Cloak.

Unfortunately for players who were in favour of it, Sledgehammer Games has decided to remove these abilities and released the following statement:

After seeing the amazing play at UMG, we agree that this #AdvancedWarfare ruleset (no stim/cloak) offers the right balance for eSports teams.

In a way it’s a good thing not to have such abilities during eSports as they can have high impact during some crucial moments of the game. Balance is necessary, I believe.