Call of Duty Online Gets a TV Commerical with Chris Evans

Activision does’t usually release a Call of Duty specially for the Chinese region; but when they do, they hire Captain America himself to promote the game.

That is indeed true if you check out the Call of Duty Online trailer above.

Developers have released a live action TV advertisement for the game which doesn’t really start off as a game trailer. You see actors posing for selfies and then you get a full on combat scene, you get Chris Evans too.

This is not the first time when a COD game has been advertised through massively popular celebrities. Previously, they have hired the likes of Jimmy Kimmell, Megan Fox, Kobe Bryant, Robert Downey Jr. and Jonah Hill to do the same job that Chris Evans is now doing for them in China.

People who are eyeing this game for the time when it releases should also pay attention to the trailer above as there are some bits and pieces of gameplay thrown in too.

While Call of Duty Online has been in testing phase in Mainland China for quite some time, it is expected that the full release of the game will come in sometime in the next couple of months.