The Mystery Behind Cancellation of Black 2

News of a scrapped sequel to Criterion Games’ 2006 shooter, Black, has surfaced on the Internet.

Black 2 was being worked over by EA and was originally planned to be a cooperative shooter for the PS3 and Xbox 360. On paper it was scheduled for a release in late 2007 or early 2008. However, the project never left the pre-production phase.

According to a report, EA had planned to make Black into a franchise even before the first game was released. Work on the sequel began as early as April 2005. That’s around ten months before Black was released.

One artist, who was contracted for producing conceptual work, revealed that EA was considering continuing the story of the first game where Kellar continues hunting Lennox. However, severe creative differences took its tool on production and development halted around May 2006.

It’s said that the game’s senior designer Stuart Black departed the studio over the matter. He wanted the sequel to be more tied with the first game. Following some months into his exit from the studio, EA took over the sequel again, this time completely dropping the story elements of the first game. It’s speculated that this was supposed to be a reboot.

It’s not clear what happened next. One side is that EA scrapped the project over a “lack of direction.” Considering how it was firstly planned for release in late 2007 but never went past pre-production by that time, is a good reason as any.

Source Unseen64