Tekken 7 Will Allow Players to Start Match on Same Side

Tekken 7 is going to feature a new camera rendering system that will allow both players to start a match from the same side of the screen.

Revealed by Namco Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada on Twitter, the feature is still being tested within the studio and so far looks to be shaping out right.

Tekken 7 - Camera Rendering

Many, if not all, players have a tendency to find it more comfortable playing on one side of the screen. As for me, I’ve always found it convenient if I’m on the left side. Similarly others would find being on the right side a better option. Of course, being a highly skilled player in a fighting game means that you have no such notions of side-dependability.

Tekken 7 is looking to remove that altogether and this mirroring feature is something that I’ve not seen any recent fighting franchise take on. It goes without saying that the feature will only be available on two screens. That won’t be a problem online but on LAN or arcade machines, players will be requiring additional hardware or tweaks.

Tekken 7 is scheduled for release in Japanese Arcades this March.

Source Katsuhiro Harada