Tegra X1 is World’s Most Powerful Mobile Super Chip: Nvidia

Long gone are the days when processing powers of mobiles were thought to be too inferior. We now have graphics chips for mobiles that companies regard as equals to desktop Maxwell.

At least that is the case with Nvidia’s Tegra X1, which they are boasting of as the most powerful mobile super chip to date.

Nvidia went to CES 2015 with the reveal where Jen-Hsun Huang the cofounder, president and CEO of the company praised it by stating that it came with the “exact same GPU” as the desktop Maxwell. This, according to Huang, shows that there’s “nothing like it in the world.”

The official website of Nvidia lists the graphics chip alongside the processor specifications that it comes with. Here’s how they are defining it:

The new Tegra X1 is the most advanced mobile processor we’ve ever created. Powerful new NVIDIA Maxwell architecture, 256 GPU cores, a 64-bit CPU, unbeatable 4K video capabilities, and more power-efficient performance than its predecessor make it perfect for even the most challenging mobile and automotive applications.

He compared the chip with power usage of products from only a couple of years ago stating how Unreal Engine’ Elemental used to take 300W, this was reduced to 100W with Xbox One and now the Tegra X1 takes only 10W.

However, when they played the demo it looked like the framerates and visuals were running on a reduced level to what the chip was being compared with by Huang.

So far, we don’t know about the extent to which it will be used in high end smart phones and tablets; we don’t have any release date for laptops either.

With that being said, check out the full specifications on the Nvidia website and tell us what you think of it.