Into the Stars is a New Space Simulator by Former DICE Developers

Fugitive Games is a four-man studio based in Santa Monica that includes industry veterans who in the past have worked on major franchises like Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and Lost Planet. The newly formed studio is currently working on an open-world “space survival simulation” called Into the Stars, one that will feature a permanent death.

A Kickstarter campaign launched by the studio is asking for $85,000 to be able to finish the game by July 2015. According to the details provided, the game is already well into development. On release, it will feature an original score from Jack Wall, who is known for his compositions for Mass Effect and Call of Duty.

Additionally, securing the funds mentioned above will ensure that the studio gets to release the game on time, while also being able to work on more features. The game plans to include ninety explorable zones.

Players take on the role of a Captain in a ship called Ark 13. Together you’ll be navigating through solar systems in search of a “new home for humanity.”

You’ll outfit your ship, choose a crew, and scavenge resources on your journey. There’s also an evil alien force pursuing you and you’ll be dealing with them on the side as well.

Fugitive Games says Into the Stars was inspired in part by games such as FTL and Out There.

The game is in development for the PC and Mac.

Source Kickstarter