Skybox Labs Working on Unannounced Xbox One Game

Some of you would know Skybox Labs, others might not. However, they are a development studio that has been working with Microsoft for quite some time.

It appears that their relationship with the Xbox One manufacturer isn’t going anywhere for some time. They are working on a new unannounced project that their official website lists as an Xbox One exclusive title.

With a big placeholder image that reads “Coming Soon,” this is all what they have hard with us regarding the said project:

Unannounced Game in Development
Release Date: To Be Announced
Platforms: Xbox One
We have to be secretive at this point. Stay tuned…

If you know what games Skybox Labs has worked on previously, you would know that this is awesome. While the have mostly taken on an assisting role on most of the projects in the past, the games they have worked on are loved by many.

For instance, they have assisted Team Dakota in the development of Project Spark as well as Relentless Software in the development of Kinect Nat Geo TV for the Xbox 360.

They have also worked on patches and updates for Age of Empires II: the Forgotten. In this regard, they also helped turn the community developed expansion into an official add-on for the original game.

Last but not the least Skybox Labs are also responsible for the PC ports (via Steam) of Rise of Nations: Extended Edition and Age of Mythology: Extended Edition.

We don’t know what kind of a project they are working on now, but it is clear from the listing that this time it is a game of their own.

Will you be interested in trying out whatever they are cooking for the Xbox One?