Pokemon Plays Twitch: Speedrunners Hack Twitch Chat Into Super Game Boy

We’ve come across people boasting Twitch Plays Pokemon, but recently a more spectacular feat was witnessed where we saw a Pokemon game ‘playing’ Twitch.

Speedrun festival called Awesome Games Done Quick has been going on, which as the name suggests, is an event where people are getting done with the games at a pretty fast pace. Some great moments are taking place during the marathon, but the highlight of yesterday’s broadcast without any doubt, was ‘TASBot’.

TASbot Team were able to hack a copy of Pokemon Red followed by gaining access to the Super Game Boy that was running it and thence hacking into Super Nintendo that had the Super Game Boy plugged in. Once everything was done, the team did some reprogramming that allow it to stream Twitch chat in the game.

Speaking of this remarkable feat, Organizer Allan ‘DwangoA’ Cecil during the demo stated:

We took over Pokémon Red. Then we took over the Super Game Boy. Then we took over the entire Super NES. Then we started streaming Twitch chat directly through the controller cable.

In case you missed out on it yesterday, then worry not as we have got a video for you which you can see attached above. Just skip to the 8:25 mark to witness the amazing and the applause that follows:

Yeah! Science bi*ch. Did you enjoy it? Share your impressions with us in the comments below!