MGS V: The Phantom Pain Might Feature a Co-Op Mode

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is highly anticipated and just recently Konami revealed Metal Gear Online, which will be a part of The Phantom Pain.

Besides online multiplayer, MGS might contain co-op player support in the next installment as some recent evidence suggests. The ones who played Ground Zeroes will know that you can call for a helicopter using Snake’s iDroid at any given time. It was also revealed that a buddy system will be a part of the next game which will allow you to call a buddy (using iDroid) to help you out during a mission, for example, DD or Quite.

However, not too long ago a concept video for iDroid was posted on NeoGaf. The concept was created by Kyle Cooper, but the video was later removed. Just recently the footage popped back online and it shows something really interesting which for some reason eluded the eyes of MGS fans.

The concept video indicates that MGS V: The Phantom Pain might contain a co-op player support as well, in addition to buddy and helicopter options on Snake’s iDroid.

If you see the video, at 15 sec mark you will notice the player accessing the support menu which shows the option to call a co-op player.

In the video it’s very difficult to spot, so I am posting an image above, which was shared by a NeoGaf user.

So far, Kojima haven’t said anything about co-op play and has also kept quite regarding the release of The Phantom Pain. Since the majority of the other iDroid support functions are announced, makes me wonder if this is a feature being kept under wraps or is the idea scrapped?