Legend of Zelda Wii U Will Feature a Ton of Side-Missions, Says Shigeru Miyamoto

Legend of Zelda on the Wii U will feature a ton of side-missions scattered all over its massive open-world. The richness of content will just be able to deter players from completing – forgetting – the main quest chain altogether.

That’s according to veteran game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who in a recent interview explained how Legend of Zelda is a large world bustling with life. Side-Missions will be easy to come by once players embark on their journey and these include long dungeons as well.

“There may even be times where you forget what your goal is because you’re doing other things on the side,” he said in a YouTube interview with iJustine. “There may be times where you go into one big, long dungeon or there may be times where you’re headed to a dungeon, and you’re doing other things along the side.”

It’s a relief to know that Nintendo is not focusing solely on the visuals of the game. This is shaping up to be a terrific addition to the Wii U’s library.

Legend of Zelda will release for the Wii U sometime in 2015.