Gabe Newell Arrives in DOTA 2 As A Glorious Shopkeeper

Fan-made creations are always ambitious and the creativity never fails to amaze us on so many levels. Sometimes these are awesome pieces of artwork to show the level of skill one possess, but sometimes these fan-made creations are done to show appreciation towards someone or something.

Valve created Dota 2 and released it back in 2013. Since its release, the game received tremendous success and is loved by millions of fans around the world. Furthermore, Valve is also the owner to the biggest PC gaming platform, Steam. Considering all this, it was only a matter of time before we saw the renowned Valve Boss, Gabe Newell featured in a video game.

Not officially though, but a fan has introduced Gabe Newell as the reimagined shopkeeper of Dota 2. Gabe Newell model is posted on Steam Workshop by creator Down Limit:

The past year has brought with it a huge leap in the development of e-sports and in particular Dota 2. In gratitude to the development team, I created this model of the shopkeeper.

Many have told me that the developers won’t notice this work and I understand that the chances of success are negligible. However, with the support of the community, do not rule out the possibility that the developers will notice my custom shopkeeper and add it for the New Bloom event time.

His creation is the one which surely deserves some attention, both by us and the creators of Dota 2. Talent and creativity like this should be encouraged and if you wish to let Down Limit know of your thoughts regarding this model, you can do so by visiting his Twitter Feed.