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Driveclub to Get New Updates to Improve Photo Mode Among Other Features

The launch of Driveclub was met with a plethora of issues, and to address those problems, Evolution Games has been releasing updates, and now it seems that more are on the way.

In a new tweet, game director Paul Rustchynsky revealed that one of the upcoming patches for Driveclub will improve the overall experience of the photo mode, which will allow players to move around the camera without the menu showing up.

In an another tweet, Paul talked about the error that has been made on PlayStation US Store, which is showcasing price tags for the Livery Packs even for those players who already own the season pass.

He warns Driveclub players not to buy these packs until the next store update has been released, which will address this problem.

Evolution Games and Driveclub has come a long way since the game’s broken launch back in October. However, there’s still room for improvement and I am sure that developers will keep coming up with new patches until the game is completely bug free.