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Android Based Console Obox will Offer Great Customization

We have been in the company of the Xbox (both Xox 360 and the Xbox One) for quite some time. Now, its time to meet the Obox.

Although the name suggests that it is some cheap copy of the original, let me assure you that it isn’t actually anything like that.

The Obox is an Android based console that Chinese game developer Snail Games is making. The home console was shown off at CES 2015 for the first time and it has brought with it some interest arousing news.

First off, Snail Games believes that with this console they want to give the users what Xbox and PlayStation fail to provide: customization.

They wish to make it interchangeable by allowing owners to switch hardware from within the device. One thing that this will do is provide the retailers with varied range of items to sell. It will also provide the owners with a chance to simply upgrade the console they have, rather than changing it with a newer model.

According to the details shard at CES 2015, Snail Games’ console is going to be powered with Nvidia K1 processor. As far as the hard drives are concerned, you will get massive variations ranging between 500 GB to 4 TB!

You get four hard drives, two processors, two varied HDMI setups and an output with 3D and 4K.

So far, nothing has been said regarding the price of the Android based console but a rough range suggested by them is between $99 too $499 depending on the hardware specifications.

Anyone interested in Obox should mark their calendars for the second quarter of 2015 if you are in China and for the third quarter if you are in the United States.