A New Study Suggests No Link Between Video Games & Societal Violence

There have been different studies that came up with the result that there’s a direct link between media and the real world violence, but the newly published study completely refutes this theory and questions the methods that were adopted by the earlier studies for the same research.

Psychologist Christopher Ferguson along with his team found no such evidence that could prove that there’s a link between real world acts of violence and violent media including movies, TV shows and video games.

For the purpose of this study, Ferguson and his team observed the violence depicted in the media between the years 1920 to 2005, and then compared the results they received to the real time violent incidents that took place in the same period.

The results they received found no connection between the media and real time violence and even proved that the real world violence did not increase even when the media violence was on the rise.

Ferguson in the final note of his paper stated that different studies are using movies and video games as a scapegoat, so that the public can be distracted from the real causes of these violent acts such as poverty.

The topic of video games causing real time violence has been in discussion for quite some time now, and multiple studies even came out that supported this argument, but here’s hoping that this new paper from Ferguson will change the people’s perception.

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Source: Independent.