3DRudder Lets You Play Games With Your Feet

Haven’t you ever wondered how the more digital our lives get, the less we use our feet? If you look at it in that context, the idea behind a gadget that lets you put your feet back in the game is worthy of an applause.

A group of developers that recognize themselves as 3D and Virtual Reality enthusiasts are currently working on exactly that. Their device is called 3DRudder and its sole purpose it to let your feet do their part in playing a game.

While you control rest of the actions with you hands, this thing lets your feet control the movement and navigation of your character.

The developers are currently looking for some financial assistance over at Indiegogo where they have shared their idea behind it:

Being frustrated with existing navigation and motion solutions, we came up with an idea to free our hands and to make navigation and motion in 3D worlds much easier. Much much easier. The rational behind 3DRudder is that in 3D (Virtual reality, first-person games, 3D design) users loose a lot of time switching continually between moving and doing. Our idea is to reinstate the feet. Free the hands. Do more. To be more efficient or to win!

So in short, if this thing comes out and is successful in delivering what these guys are promising, it will change quite a lot in how you play games.

How does it work, you might ask. It’s simple, if you want your character to move forward, you tilt the disc down from the front with your feet. You tilt it left or right in order to turn either way and yoou tilt it backwards to halt or go back.

Check out the image above and tell us if you would like a 3DRudder with your PC.