New Screenshots Pit Batman Against the Arkham Knight

In Batman: Arkham Knight, the caped crime fighter will be facing off against a new adversary who as of yet remains a mysterious figure. The Arkham Knight is bent on bringing chaos to Gotham City and in these new slew of screenshots, we can see him in a face-off against Batman.

Though the quality is pretty questionable, the game still looks impressive. The weather effects and puddles in the background are marvelous and the characters themselves look heavily detailed.

One screenshot also gives us a glimpse on the Batmobile in pursuit of a couple of thugs. The addition of the vehicle in the game was a big surprise for everyone. The Batmobile comes packed with its own set of features, including weaponry and being able to launch Batman forward.

One of the main reasons the game world is so massive is because Rocksteady wanted to compromise the driving factor of the Batmobile. Wide stretch of roads will be present throughout the city and players will be driving to missions now, instead of swinging in the night.

Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled for release on June 2 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.