Killer Instinct’s Omen, Herald of Gargos Revealed

A new character has been revealed for Killer Instinct, who will join the Season 2’s roster as a bonus character.

Omen, Herald of Gargos, is the fifth character to release this season and will only be available to Killer Instinct Season 2 pack owners. Developer Iron Galaxy made it clear on the game’s forums that it has no plans to sell the character individually.

The announcement describes Omen as “corruption, fear, and rage given form.” His movesets will be a combination of both Jago and Shadow Jago. Players hence, will find playing Omen a bit familiar.

“Freed from possessing Jago, the Herald of Gargos has drawn enough power through his battles as Shadow Jago to manifest physically on the mortal plane,” explains the announcement. “He is corruption, fear, and rage given form. He is the right hand of his master’s will. He is the sign of the darkness to come. He is shadow energy incarnate. He is Omen!”

Later in the post, the developer also revealed that the next four characters are called Cinder, ARIA, Golem and Ghost.

A live stream will be put up next week to showcase Omen, while a full character trailer will be released the following week.

Killer Instinct - Omen (Teaser)

Source Iron Galaxy