Final Fantasy XV: New Information Revealed for Camping, Magic and Day/Night Systems

A recent panel has seen to Square Enix share more information for Final Fantasy XV that relate to the camping, day/night cycle and magic system.

In the panel named ‘The History and Future of Final Fantasy,’ lead game designer Wan Hazmer exclaimed importance for the game’s camping system. Players will find themselves camping frequently between phases, so as to gain a temporary buff, using food that can be prepared through various collected ingredients.

Once the buff wears out, players can camp again to gain that or a new power up. Additionally, camping also allows players to ‘cash in’ any experience collected before hand.

As for the magic system, Wan said that they are not ready to divulge any details because the system is not finalized yet. According to Wan, the team is still working on the graphics portion of the system, which currently is not at a point of being showcased to the public. However, we will hear about the system as soon as it’s ready.

Final Fantasy XV will have a 60 minute day/night cycle. Of that, 40 minutes will be of daytime while the remaining 20 minutes night.

The game is in development for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is being powered by the studio’s new Luminous Engine. A release date is yet to be confirmed by the developer.