Dysfunctional Systems Development has Been Ceased Due to Multiple Reasons

Dysfunctional Systems got a lot of praise when it was first made available in 2013, and there were a large number of players who became a fan of the series.

However, despite increase in fanbase and the sales of the first episode, Dischan Media revealed that they do not possess enough funds to continue their development on the new episode. Due to this reason, the project was taken to Kickstarter where it was successfully funded.

However, in an interesting turn of events, Dischan Media has announced that the development on the next episode has been ceased and the fans who backed up the project will be refunded.

According to the developers, there were several reasons that made them stop the development on Dysfunctional Systems’ upcoming episode including over hiring, over paying, lack of quality control and more. You can check out their┬áreasons for cancellation posted on their official blog.

The news is sad because there were a lot of fans who were eagerly looking forward to play the next episode in the series after an extremely long wait, but nothing can be done now.

The backers will however, like the gesture of refunding which developers apparently are doing out of their own pocket because all the funds were spent on creating the new episode.

Currently, there’s no hope for Dischan but we hope that some publisher take notice of Dysfunctional Systems and decide to back the project, so that the series can be completed.