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Diablo III Looking to Begin Season 2 in Early February

With the first season coming to a close, Blizzard has stated that players should start preparing for the second season that will commence for Diablo III as early as February 3.

However, the date is at the moment not finalized. There’s a chance that the developer extends the date or take more time in wrapping up Season 1. According to Blizzard the said date “may shift” but they’ll “do their best to adhere” it.

Season 1 began around four months back and brought with itself a new game mode that gave competitive players something to work for. The best of the lot will find them their name plastered on the Season 1 leader board once the season concludes.

Once the first season concludes, a grave period will be offered to all players. During this time, players will be able to sort through their rollover rewards and review progress.

Patch 2.1.2 is still being tested on the Public Test Realm. Blizzard would be looking to coincide its release with the start of the new season. However, the company has not confirmed any such time frame. The patch is still under heavy testing and nobody knows if it will be ready for when Season 2 goes live.

You can head over to the official blog and read through the rewards players will be receiving.