Xbox One To Be Converted into Hacker’s Nightmare!

It seems like multiple attacks by the hacker groups have finally touched some nerves with Microsoft too. The manufacturers of Xbox One are now looking to do something that might be able to put a stop to all the hackings, cheating and more.

Why do I feel that somehow, the DDoS attacks had something to do with their decision?

Anyhow, they are currently looking for a software engineer over at LinkedIn. Going through the ad posting we found out that they are actually looking to turn the security of Xbox One into a nightmare for all those hacker groups:

Are you passionate about consumer Devices and Security? Enjoy your Xbox for Entertainment and Gaming? Would you like to build a device so secure, that it is a nightmare for the most skilled hackers, yet a delight for all our customers? Have you ever found yourself thinking about how to protect a game or app running on the Xbox console or prevent anyone from cheating when playing online? If so, then we might have a very good opportunity for you!

The team dedicated to this cause is actually a part of the Core Operating Systems Group for the console and the said engineer will be working on taking the security systems to a whole new level.

Apparently, their objective is to “Xbox One the most secure and trustworthy consumer computing devices in the world.” The wish to achieve this through the “hardware design and carefully thought out operating system and driver modifications to achieve the security goals.”

So, where do you think this is going? While it will possibly lead to a much more secure home console in the form of Xbox One, could it be that the heightened security leads to a more troublesome system with all the checks and controls?