Project Scissors Is Now Called Night Cry, Gets a Teaser Trailer

It has been confirmed that Project Scissors is now officially called Night Cry. The game is a spiritual successor to Clock Tower. Our first look at the game is a live action teaser which is directed by the renowned Japanese horror director, Takashi Shimizu.

The footage features a little kid waking up from a nightmare, blood dripping from the ceiling and in the end, a cult gathering summoning a monster from a water well.

The game takes players on a cruise ship which at first is a pleasant experience for the character but as the ship sails onto the sea, a series of murders occur onboard which terrifies the passengers. Things get worse when the crew also ends up dead, due to which the ship is helplessly drifting in the sea.

It’s your job to figure things out and help everyone survive, if you can manage to save yourself first.

What I don’t understand about this live action teaser, is that if the game is based on a cruise ship, how does this teaser relates to that. May be the kid is onboard and is haunted by the creature which is seen coming out of the well. Hence, murders on the ship.

Well, we can only speculate until we get a proper look at the game ourselves.

Night Cry is announced for PS Vita, iOS and Android devices and the game is expected sometime later this year. You can share your views about the game in the comments below.

Source: Gematsu