New Year Resolutions in Dying Light are Twisted, Really

Nearly all of us make a list of new year resolutions that we “plan” to follow – whether we follow them or not is a separate discussion. Apparently, zombies are no different if this new Dying Light trailer is to be believed.

This one is as gory as you would want a zombie apocalypse based survival horror game to be – may be more.

I say that because eating healthy and taking up new hobbies means something totally different when it comes to dying light. In this trailer, the former is translated into eating the brains out of a freshly killed human and the latter means crafting a sleek new weapon.

Moving on, spending time with friends means bashing the shit out of a zombie with a club and exercising more translates into target practice with zombies who are coming to eat you – literally.

So yeah, happy new year everyone!

You will be allowed to experience every one of these new year resolutions on January 27, 2015 if you are in North America. Australia get it on January 28 while European Union and Japan follow in on January 30.

Dying Light is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.