Elite Dangerous Servers Hit by Variety of Errors and Bugs

Space trading and combat simulator Elite Dangerous was has been out in the market for a little more than a fortnight and so far everything was going fairly smooth.

However, it seems like the game has had its first substantial bad day.

The community that is playing the game regularly has been reporting multiple kinds of errors that have turned the game into something totally bollocks.

We have received word relating to people who have lost their connection with the game multiple times, other instances where a ship’s entire cargo has been lost and even some about credits being deleted.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, there were reports suggesting that some of the players’ ships had lost all their customizations and upgrades turning them to the factory settings.

it is being suggested that the bugs started as a result of a transaction server failure. However, it took at least six long hours until the usual maintenance period to reboot the servers.

Sadly, this happens to be the worst time for something like this has the developers are said to be away for the new year holidays. There are people who suggested that the development team will not be back until January 5; which means we might be stuck with the problems for a few more days.

Even when they are back at it, no one knows how much irreversible damage will the community have to bear. Even a server rollback is going to cost us something.

Elite Dangerous has been developed by Frontier Developments using COBRA engine. It was released to Microsoft Windows and OS X on December 16, 2014.

Have you tried the game and did you experience any of these errors? Do share your experience with us if you have faced something similar.