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Xbox One Developers Now Have Access to More CPU Power

Microsoft is uncapping the Xbox One’s CPU to provide more power to its developers.

The news comes to light following the recent cyber intrusion by hacking group H4LT during Christmas break, where it infiltrated Microsoft’s systems and released a number of confidential documents relating to the Xbox One. Amongst these documents were the new development tools that have now been provided to studios.

According to the leak, the new bunch of tools allows developers to use more of the Xbox One’s power. Microsoft has apparently toned down the console’s demand for processing power to run the background menus and applications.

While this may result in improved gameplay and features, it also comes with some strings attached. You can head over to Eurogamer to read a detailed report on the changes, including how developers will now need to give up custom, game-specific voice commands in order to access the newly unlocked CPU power.

The Xbox One had a very bumpy launch that transitioned into last year as well. However, things turned around by the end of the year where it managed to break the PlayStation 4’s winning streak in sales charts by beating it in total sales in a month.

Microsoft would want nothing better than to ride that wave of momentum into the new year.