SimCity Studio Hiring For A F2P Online Creation Game

EA Maxis is currently looking for a Senior Designer to work on an unannounced F2P Online Creation game, according to a recently surfaced job listing on EA Careers.

Given that the listing is from Redwood Shores, California Studio and requires “5+ years of games industry design experience in shipping AAA titles,” it appears like the unannounced project is either for PC or consoles (maybe both). It’s also required that the interested applicants must have some experience of “deeply social multiplayer games such as MMOs.”

The applicants are also required to weave F2P model with simple and natural monetization so as to make players feel respected and offer them a great deal of value for their money. Other important skills include an understanding of simulation game design, simulation loops, and systemic pushback. And lastly, having an understanding of various Maxis titles such as The Sims, SimCity, and Spore along with an experience with creation titles such as Project Spark, Little Big Planet, and Minecraft along with mods is a bonus!

Head over to EA Career Search for more details and to apply online!

While the possibilities seem endless, with titles like SimCity, SimAnt, and even the next Spore, it’s good to see that Maxis is trying to make fans feel respected and satisfied. Maybe the game will get some microtransaction treatment. What do you think this unannounced title could be?

Source: NeoGaf.