Oculus Rift Creator Mentions Winter 2015 Consumer Release

The virtual reality device Oculus Rift could very well be flooding the consumer’s market during this winter. This is according to creator Palmer Luckey who in a recent Telegraph feature estimated a winter 2015 release for the first consumer version of the Oculus Rift.

This is not the first time that the company has talked about releasing the device in 2015. In the final quarter of 2014, CEO Brendan Iribe went on record to state that the release is still “months” away but could be delayed in light of needed improvements.

The November or December launch time frame could also be a placeholder and in such situations delays are almost imminent. The company has at numerous occasions expressed the desire to improve the current prototype before releasing it for the masses.

The last prototype dubbed Crescent Bay was revealed in September last year and integrated audio, full 360 degree positional tracking and an OLED display with an unspecified resolution that’s said to beat the 1080p screen on the second development kit (DK2).

Currently there are not details about the consumer version regarding region availability, pricing, bundles, and such. We can expect Oculus to throw all of that towards our way around summer time as the release of the device approaches nearer.

It’ll be interesting to see post-release as to just how many games end up supporting the device, and how many of those end up doing it right.

via VRFocus