Nintendo 3DS Gets Three New Themes: Pokemon, Animal Crossing and More

Nintendo has been releasing new themes for Nintendo 3DS on regular basis since the past couple of months.

Couple of months ago, they had announced that a total of 50 new themes were being released to the handheld. If you thought that those weren’t enough, they released multiple more themes in October. These were followed by even more themes that were released through a firmware update to Nintendo 3DS.

Now, they have released three more.

Here’s the list of the game based themes that have been introduced to Nintendo 3DS:

  • Tomodachi Life: Speech Balloon
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf: K.K. Slider at Club LOL
  • Pokemon: Slowpoke

So what do you think about them? Is there any that you would want to purchase?

Do remember that purchasing either one of these is going to set you back by $1.99.

Parallel to this, Nintendo’s Iwata has recently been discussing ways to make their consoles better in the future. Personally I think it is a very good timing for planning things like this – especially for Nintendo.

Have you bought any of the previous themes for the Nintendo 3DS? If so, which ones do you think were the best? Also, do tell us if there are any other themes that you would want to request from Nintendo.