Minecraft Translation Project Now Includes LOLCAT

Mojang’s Jens Bergensten has added the coolest of languages to his Minecraft Translation Project and it’s none other LOLCAT.

He confirmed it via his official Twitter feed and also provided the link to the translation page in case you believe it too good to be true. LOLCAT joins the 80 other languages, including Arabic, Persian, and even Pirate English, which are a part of the Translation Project.

The Minecraft translation project now includes LOLCAT: https://crowdin.com/project/minecraft … ;P

Out of these 81 languages, Canadian English, French, Canadian French, German, Korean, and Spanish are already completed and 100% approved. There are 21 other languages which are 100% completed, but await 100% approval rating. As for our newest addition, LOLCAT is 14% translated at the time of writing this. As for Pirate English, it’s 77 per cent completed.

You can view the complete grid of languages and progression at crowdin.com and even work on bringing your own native language to the game. There’s an easy-to-follow quick guide to help you get started! Since I don’t see Urdu in the list, I might hop in and work on it.

R u excitd 2 c LOLCAT headd 2 Minecraft? Let us knoe in da comments below!

Via: Gameranx.