Media Molecule to Reveal its New Game this Year

British video game developer Media Molecule is planning to reveal its new game sometime this year.

Earlier today, Creative Director Mark Healey tweeted about a list of things he’s looking to do in 2015. Amongst the lot was “reveal new Media Molecule ‘game’.” The quotations around the word game suggests that the developer is once again working on something unique and surprising.

This years list;
• Finish C64 game
• Finish Concept Album
• Reveal New Media Molecule ‘Game’
• Destroy Candy Crush Saga Inviters

Media Molecule does opt for games that are a little less traditional when it comes to gameplay. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the studio bring forth a new IP that paves way for another brilliant franchise, much like it has done in the past.

Taking into consideration that Media Molecule mentioned back in Gamescom 2013 that it was working on a PlayStation game. This would put the mysterious title under two or more years in development.

While no information on the intended platforms is available, speculation puts the game solely for the PlayStation 4.

Recently the studio got done with Tearaway: Unfolded for the PlayStation 4, a remastered version of the original PlayStation Vita title Tearaway.

Source Twitter