Jurassic Rider Announced By Nexon, Race Against the Dinosaurs

Nexon has announced a new kart racing game called Jurassic Rider. ItĀ seems quite similar to the developers’ previous game Kart Rider, but this one features dinosaurs which can come in your way and knock you off the road at any moment.

Although the racing system will stay the same as previous title, however, as you will be in your kart trying to beat your opponents, you will need to be careful because the dinosaurs will be roaming around on the race track and will try to confront you.

Not much detail has been provided on how the dinosaurs will impact the overall gameplay or at what frequency they will appear, but the gameplay sure looks fun!

The trailer for Jurassic Rider can be seen attached above as it showcases some of the ways dinosaurs will intervene in the game.

So far, we don’t know whether you will be chased by dinosaurs in the game or not, but adding thisĀ feature would certainly add a new feel to the game.

English beta of Kart Rider happened a few years back, but developers never launched the full game. Hopefully, Jurassic Rider will make its way to the west sometime in the future.

What are your thought on the game? Excited to try it out?