Here’s How You End Destiny Crota’s End Raid Without Dying

Many of the Destiny fans have attempted the Crota’s End Raid ever since it was launched less than a month ago. However, unlike the first raid, it only took fans less than six hours to beat it.

This started a long race of who does it best and now we have a record that seems quite impossible to beat.

When guy recently beat Crota’s End Raid siglehandedly, another decided too do it better and managed to finish the raid alone and without dying even once!

Check out the video above to see how the whole thing went down.

That being said, while many of the players have managed to make and break records with the second raid of the game, it still poses a challenge. I am sure you would do well with a little assistance; here’s a boss tips and strategies guide.

Have you finished the raid before? Do you think you have the skills to beat it without dying?