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Fallout: New Vegas Modded Version Gets 4K Treatment, Screenshots Inside

One of the main reasons people opt for PC gaming is mod support which allows players to enjoy even more stuff in the game that wasn’t originally a part of it.

Bethesda’s RPGs have been receiving special treatment from the modding community for quite some time now and they don’t just add a ton of stuff to the game, but also make sure that the visuals of the game are up to the mark.

The latest entry in the Fallout series, Fallout: New Vegas, has also received some incredible mods over the years, and to showcase how combinations of different mods has helped create an incredible looking world, a user on Reddit has shared a bunch of screenshots in 4K resolution.

Although the sharpness in the shared images is pretty high, but still the detail that can be seen in the environment make it look great. You can check out the shared pictures from the modded version given below:

The user managed to get these results by using custom ENB present based on ENB of the apocalypse. Furthermore, he used some WIP textures that are not currently available.

If you missed out Fallout New Vegas before, then you can get it now as it available at 50% discount on Steam.

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