Square Enix Records a Good 2014 With Its Earnings Report

Square Enix has finally managed to turn things around in the financial department. Its recently released earnings report for 2014 spells a good upcoming year for the Japanese company, and that’s saying a lot considering the financial problems the studio was going through in the past couple of years.

According to report, Square Enix ended the year with ¥155,023 and $1,506,254 in net sales, while total assets were recorded at ¥216,617 and $2,104,714 respectively.

“For the fiscal year ended March 2014, we actively reformed our development policy and organization system,” said president Yosuke Matsuda about the studio’s progress in 2014, “focusing on our European and North American studios, and simultaneously worked on earnings recovery through our existing lineup. Sales of console game titles, including Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Thief (Europe and North America only) and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, were better than our original plan.”

The company plans to focus more on free-to-play games in 2015, that will be supported by microtransactions. “One major approach we are currently taking is to apply variable pricing models, such as F2P (free to play) games, to the HD games area. We are already introducing such models and have achieved success in several cases,”

Square Enix is currently being looked at for its upcoming releases of Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15. Will this new ‘approach’ somehow effect these titles as well?