SegmentNext’s Ten Most Anticipated PC Games of 2015

2014 is almost over, and here we are speculating for a great year ahead of us. Although it was the first year after the release of next-gen consoles, to me, we didn’t really get what we had hoped for primarily due to delays.

Anyhow, that’s all behind us and with 2015 packed with big releases, our anticipation level has been on the rise. So after some thought, we have narrowed down our top 10 most anticipated PC games for 2015. I hope that you are also excited about these games as we are.

#1: Evolve

Turtle Rock has managed to capture the attention of many, with their upcoming online shooter, Evolve. The game has an intriguing concept of 4 vs 1 matches in which players take the role of 4 hunters and try to take down the fifth player, who controls a giant monster.

Evolve is our #1 game of 2015.

#2: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

After being delayed twice, the game is aiming at  a summer 2015 release. However, the wait is certainly worth it. The game looks and plays great. The world is vast with lots of side quests and exploration, that will keep you busy for a while.

If you are a newcomer and are looking to experience The Witcher for the first time, then rest assured, you won’t have to play previous installments to catch up on the happening of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The game is designed in a way that both new and returning players will have the best possible experience.

#3: Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar’s hugely popular open-world title, GTA V has been out on other platforms but PC players will get to experience the game in 2015. The game will feature better textures, more traffic and best possible visuals if your gaming rig has the potential.

Well, we might not be interested in what the actual game has to offer as we have already dissected to its full, modding is something we are really excited about as we know, PC community just goes crazy when a game like GTA lets them do experimentation.

#4: Total War: Attila

The Hunnic Empire, led by Attila will become the biggest threat to the Roman Empire. Creative Assembly is bringing back the political and strategic pillars of Total War in their upcoming installment.

Players will have a larger location as a starting point but the region will be filled with political and diplomatic issues. Your actions will determine your allies and enemies.

Although the last iteration in the series might have been a disappointment considering the issues it faced at launch, we are hopeful that Attila will be a pleasant strategy experience for us.

#5: No Man’s Sky

Now I know that it’s highly unlikely that we will see a PC release in 2015 as it’s a timed exclusive for PS4 but that’s something I definitely want to see on PC so I added it anyway. Atleast, we might have a confirmed release date for PC.

Exploring every single planet in No Man’s Sky can’t be done in a single lifetime. The game features a procedurally generated universe which will take you more than 500 years to explore for just one second.

Apart from its size, the game is visually impressive as well. Atmosphere of every planet is different, some are rich and filled with vibrant colors and massive beasts. While others are deserted and dull.

#6: Tom Clancy’s The Division

Division certainly fits the profile of a PC game. It’s an online based third person shooter RPG. Developed by Ubisoft, the game is inspired by Directive 51 and Operation Dark Winter.

Players will roam New York to clear the threats and bring back order. Developers want the game to have “endless gameplay” in which players have a number of activities such as PvP and PvE.

Division has progression systems related to gear, base of operations and player stats. Ubisoft will keep adding new content and things to do after the game comes out. I just hope that the game doesn’t get the same treatment as Assassin’s Creed Unity did.

#7: Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard is looking to enter the MOBA scene with Heroes Of The Storm, aiming to give some competition to Dota and League of Legends.

With that said, don’t think of this game as a Dota clone. Blizzard wants to make this title far more accessible compared to our average MOBA games while being attached to the roots of this genre such as complex characters and skill sets.

The game has been in testing phases for a long time now and when it comes out on PC, I am sure that millions of Blizzard fans out there are sure going to give it a try and I am one of them!

#8: Dying Light

Dying Light is taking the zombie genre down a different path in terms of gameplay. Similar to Mirror’s Edge, players will be able to run-freely and use parkour to climb on objects and structures. All the action will go down in first person view.

You will have to be careful though, as zombies will become even more dangerous at night and gain the ability to climb on buildings as well. Dying Light is going to be a heart-pounding experience and is good enough to get our anticipation level up.

#9: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid franchise hasn’t seen much of PC so announcement of Phantom Pain coming on PC is something we can’t really ignore. Ground Zeroes just got released on PC and it’s looking great and I am confident the full release in 2015 will bring us a pleasant experience.

#10: Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 was originally going to be developed by Techland but they went on to develop Dying Light. That made Deep Silver look for a new developer for the game which resulted in a deal with Yager Development.

Yager is now developing the next Dead Island game which is going to take place months after the events of the original Dead Island. California is now a quarantine zone and survivors are stuck inside without help. Will you be the one to survive? We will see when the game comes out in 2015.