Runescape 3’s Community is Not Pleased With CEO’s Exit and the Latest Update

The Runescape 3 online forums and sub-Reddits are brewing with hostility over the recent departure of former CEO Mark Gerhard, and the latest update to the game which has apparently made microtransactions even worse.

In September, Mark Gerhard tweeted that he was “officially on Garden Leave until the end of the year” – a term that prevents soon-to-be let go employees from being in contact with other employees and clients, and are kept from sensitive information.

In a farewell notice posted on the game’s official site, the six-year old Runescape 3 CEO talked about his work with his team members and the community. It did not mention his terms of leaving and his future plans.

It’s speculated that he was let go forcefully by the board, and that he’ll be replaced by Alex Crisses – currently one of the IVP board members. Fears have begun rising amongst Runescape 3 ranks over Crisses’ previous track record, as well as other potential new CEO individuals.

Here’s what one member said on the game’s sub-Reddit today: “Alex Crisses, one of the IVP board members, has an atrocious track record of ruining companies. Among the other members of the Jagex board, there’s Rod Cousens, who ruined the productive gaming company ‘Codemasters’ – but I’m certain there will be more on this soon, as he’s the chairman on the board currently, and the most likely person to be made CEO.”

I’m not too familiar with the game’s payment model but everyone’s raging over how the microtransactions have become more aggressive following Gerhard’s departure. Additionally, membership cost is also being increased for new members to $10 a month.

“With today’s mtx battleship gambling update, being the 1st January 2015, we’re also given a spammy solomon in several cities. Oh, and the heralds spam the sales now too. You can’t even go to the wilderness or lunar isle without seeing microtransaction spam. I won’t be surprised in the slightest when IVP start touching oldschool, but hopefully something will happen that will stop this before it gets to that.”

If you’re a Runescape 3 player, you can head here and read through the abundance of comments to get yourself updated.