New Super Mario Bros. Wii to Get Online Multiplayer Courtesy of Modders

New Super Mario Bros. Wii which was released back in 2009, will now receive a mod from a couple of fans that will enable online multiplayer in the game.

The modders also happen to be brothers and they go by the names of MrBean35000vr and Chadderz. To demonstrate how this mod will work in the game, brothers have released a new video which you can check out above.

The first thing you should know about this mod is that it’s not Dolphin Netplay, which allowed you to play local multiplayer, instead it is a full fledged online multiplayer mode.

In the video, brothers elaborate the mod and state that currently it is limited to New Super Mario Bros. Wii but at the time of its release, it will be compatible with some other games as well. However, those games will need certain patches for this mod to work.

Currently, this mod is suffering from multiple issues, which is why they are refraining from releasing it, as they want to make sure that everything is working fine before they release it for the public.

To get this mod to work, you will need to have a Wii or a Wii U for each player, a Homebrew channel and an internet connection. Hosting will require knowledge of IP addresses and port forwarding. Modders are also planning to add a matchup service to the mod but nothing on that has been confirmed just yet.

To find out more about this mod, check out the detailed video above.